1928 — Ashford W. Peters went to work for Mobil Oil Corporation in Concord, New Hampshire.

1942 — Ash purchased Mobil’s bulkplant in Peterborough, NH.

1957 — Ash’s son Stan decides to leave teaching and join the business.

1975 — Ash retires. Stan takes over. Stan’s daughter Wendy joins the business.

1976 — Stan’s son Kerry joins the company.

1977 — Stan’s youngest son Jeff completes the picture.

1981 — A.W. PETERS, INC. acquires Hafeli Fuels and Harris Oil.

1988 — A.W. PETERS, INC. acquires Dublin Oil.

1990 — Stanley Peters becomes Chairman, Jeffrey is named President.

1991 — A.W. PETERS, INC. acquires Bernier Fuels of Greenville, NH.

1998 — A.W. PETERS, INC.builds a new state of the art bulkplant to minimize environmental impact.

2011 — The Peters welcome their newest member, Liz Peters, into the family. Jeff and Liz married in June.

2013 — The fourth generation begins with the birth of Cameron Ashford Peters on June 26th.

2015 — Aksel Jefferson Peters makes his arrival to the family on October 13th.

Energy Tips

Insulate your hot water pipes in unheated areas. Also use an insulating blanket on your water heater.

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Our telephones:
(603) 924-3388 or (603) 924-3953

Our postal mailing address:
P.O. Box 550
Peterborough, New Hampshire 03458-0550

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35 Summer Street,  Peterborough, New Hampshire

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For fuel oil deliveries, pricing, contracts or business decisions, please contact Jeff Peters at awpeters@worldpath.net
For service, including annual tune-ups, installations, no heat calls or other service related issues, please contact Rob Jewell at rob@awpeters.com
For customer service, human resources, account payables, advertising or community service requests, please contact Jeff Peters at awpeters@worldpath.net
For questions on any payment plans or general inquiries, please contact Jeff Peters at awpeters@worldpath.net

Helpful Links

Fuel Assistance

With the current economy, many customers are struggling to pay their bills in a timely manner. Fuel assistance is available for those who meet certain eligibility guidelines.
Southern NH Fuel Assistance helps those living in Hillsborough County.
Southwestern Community Services provides assistance to those living in Cheshire County.

Home Heating Oil Energy Audit

A helpful guide to assessing how much energy your home consumes, and what you can so to conserve energy and lower your heating costs.Take your audit here.

Stop Oil Speculation

Are you tired of the volatility of fuel oil prices? To learn more and get involved, visit
Stop Oil Speculation Now.

NH Oil Heat Council

A.W. PETERS, INC. is a proud member of the Oil Heat Council of New Hampshire. To learn more about the advantages of oil heat, visit their website.